Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 70-20-10 rule for leadership development

The Center for Creative Leadership has a fascinating new article on how to be an effective leader -- spend 70% of your time on challenging assignments, 20% on developing relationships, and 10% on coursework and training.  In these days of flattened and downsized organizations, all three components are difficult.  Which is your organization doing well?  Where do you need improvement?

The other interesting point in the article is the five universal sources of leadership development across cultures:  (1) bosses and superiors, (2) turnarounds, (3) increases in job scope, (4) horizontal moves, and (5) new initiatives.  Which have been important in your career?  Which can you provide to your subordinates? 
In my own career I learned most from increases in job scope and horizontal moves.  But when I was fortunate enough to have a good boss, I learned most quickly from my boss.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors

I listened to a webinar yesterday on Seven Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors, which was sponsored by Writers Digest. According to Keith Ogorek, Senior V-P of Marketing at Writers Digest, the secrets of successful self-published authors are

(1) They can describe their audience in detail

(2) They believe in their work and want to see it published

(3) They set deadlines (even if artificial) – have a plan for completing work, editing, submitting, designing, revising, etc.

(4) They understand their goals and options – between traditional, Do-It-Yourself self-publishing, and supported self-publishing

(5) They know the power of social media, and how their audience interacts with social media

(6) They put together a marketing plan BEFORE they publish

(7) They plan a book launch event

Knowing your audience, and having a social media presence are the key themes I’m picking up from everything I read about self-publishing.

What do readers see as critical to success as a self-publisher?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome from Sara!

I call myself a "M.A.M.A. Curmudgeon."  That's short for Manager, Author, Mediator and Attorney.  And a Mama, too.  You'll find posts on all those subjects here.