Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors

I listened to a webinar yesterday on Seven Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors, which was sponsored by Writers Digest. According to Keith Ogorek, Senior V-P of Marketing at Writers Digest, the secrets of successful self-published authors are

(1) They can describe their audience in detail

(2) They believe in their work and want to see it published

(3) They set deadlines (even if artificial) – have a plan for completing work, editing, submitting, designing, revising, etc.

(4) They understand their goals and options – between traditional, Do-It-Yourself self-publishing, and supported self-publishing

(5) They know the power of social media, and how their audience interacts with social media

(6) They put together a marketing plan BEFORE they publish

(7) They plan a book launch event

Knowing your audience, and having a social media presence are the key themes I’m picking up from everything I read about self-publishing.

What do readers see as critical to success as a self-publisher?

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